Buy Modafinil in Canada

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Buy Modafinil in Canada

Modafinil in the current era is the smart drug used by many professionals and students for improving cognitive performance. There is much to talk and experience about the use and acceptance of the drug in various countries of the world.

Talking about the use of modafinil in Canada, quite a number of studies have been conducted on the comparatively new smart drug. This drug is prescribed to treat excessive sleepiness due to narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea. According to a systematic review which examined the result of 24 studies on the drug modafinil used by healthy adults. These studies were conducted to gauge the effect that this drug had on the cognitive abilities of healthy adults. It was observed that while modafinil did not change human performance in simple tasks, it worked wonders with complex ones.

Let us discuss in detail all the parameters that regulate to buy modafinil online in Canada..

What are the Brand Names of Modafinil in Canada?

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There are different variants of modafinil available in the Canada. The most popular variants available in all the licensed Canadian pharmacies are:

  • • Alertec
  • • Provigil

Then there are popular variants available for import of modafinil to Canada and these include:

  • • Modalert
  • • Modvigil

How Much Does Modafinil Cost in Canada?

The price of modafinil is legal controlled and watched by the government authorities yet most pharmacies in the country sell modafinil at a very high price. This is because of the license that is required to buy the drug and the strict rules and regulations concerning the availability of the drug in the country. The approximate price is around $65 CAD. If buy modafinil online , you have an option to buy the drug at a comparatively lower price at around $1.00 CAD per dose.

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Legal Status of Modafinil in Canada

Use and acceptance of modafinil in Canada has a completely different process of approval as compared to other countries like USA, UK, Australia, Ireland, and Singapore. As per the Canadian laws, whenever a medicine is manufactured or produced in the country, it is mandatory that the drug is sent to the Health Department for review and approval. The department does complete analysis of the product and provides a license of approval and acceptance. Further to that, the drug goes to the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA) where the working officials make the decision whether the drug can be openly used or requires a prescription. Based on this final review, the drugs are classified into various categories and modafinil is categorized under Schedule 1 drug that is prescription only drug.

Furthermore, the NAPRA also beholds the responsibility of regulating and monitoring the sale of modafinil and other Schedule 1 drugs while tracking the public sale at all local pharmacies. It also keeps a track on how many doses are sold to each patient because the number of permitted doses is also restricted. Adding to this, there have been many regulating laws and acts defined for the usage of modafinil and various other drugs and medicines in the Canadian market.

What are the Benefits of Modafinil

Modafinil improved learning and memory according to some studies, but other studies also noted no change. At the same time most studies suggest that it does not have any effect on creativity. While taking modafinil many subjects exhibited improvement in some aspects of executive function like planning, decision-making, and fluid intelligence. Studies were conducted to note the benefits of modafinil on learning tasks that relied on attention and executive function. Here modafinil is supposed to have improved performance, just like it did in case of short term memory and cognitive flexibility, and in task using multiple memory domains and attention.


What are the Side Effects of Modafinil

Modafinil is usually prescribed to reduce sleep in patients of narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea. It is also often prescribed by doctors to increase cognitive ability or alertness in healthy individuals. This wakefulness drug is being used by students to stay awake more hours and also to improve their learning ability. If you are taking the prescription drug due to an ailment like narcolepsy or sleep apnea then you should understand that the doctor may have thought that the benefit of the drug to you is greater than the discomfort caused by its side effect. Modafinil does have side effects in some individuals although most people taking it don’t face any.

These side effects include nausea, headache, dizziness, nervousness, or difficulty in sleeping. If any of these side effects are persistent, you should consult your doctor immediately. Most people who take this drug do not have any side effects or the severity of the side effects is very less. Apart from the side effects mentioned above there can also be fast, pounding and irregular heart beat. Mood swings like agitation, anger, confusion, depression, hallucinations and rarely suicidal thoughts. You should immediately get medical help if you have any of these serious side effects which also include pain in chest.

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