Buy Modafinil Online in USA

Buy Modafinil Online in USA

In the recent years, USA has experienced increased use and acceptance of modafinil drug in the country. It has been widely acclaimed as a smart drug that is gradually wide spreading its benefits and creating its unique niche with the stupendous benefits it is offering. Many However, the US Government has stated some legal concerns and regulatory measures to buy and use modafinil. These regulations are in favor of public interest that has eventually made its way to the country with ease and convenience.

  • Let us discuss in detail all the parameters that regulate to buy modafinil online in USA.

Legal Status of Modafinil in USA

United States has a clearly defined set of rules and regulations for the use of modafinil in USA. The country has a health governing authority known as the Department of Health and Human Services that has placed modafinil in the Schedule IV category. In the year 1997 the Food and Drug Administration documented a letter highlighting the review of the ruling factors that require regulatory measures concerning the use of modafinil. Moreover, the Controlled Substance Act (CSA) came up with a conclusion to list the drug under the Schedule IV drug. Going ahead in the timeline, the Associate Commissioner of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Health Affairs in the year 1998 stated that the drug application for modafinil falls under the strategy of approval and from that approval; US started accepting modafinil for medical use. However, certain guidelines were stated to make the approval beneficial for one and all. These guidelines rule the classification of the drug under Schedule IV drug scheduling system as follows:

  • • There is very low potential for any kind of abuse or addiction
  • • There is limited physical and mental dependence if in case any signs of abuse are experienced
  • • The use is for the treatment for few medical conditions in the country

This states that you can easily buy the drug from any local pharmacy store in the residing state but with a prescription from a reputed and known doctor.

Shipping Modafinil to USA

Modafinil is available in US only based on description. However, Americans have an option to buy modafinil online if they do not have the prescription. There are many reputed and experienced online drug stores and vendors who are legit about shipping the drug to various states of the country. There are many online vendors who have been constantly sending hundreds and thousands of modafinil shipments to the USA .

Being a Schedule IV drug, the potential of risk and abuse is limited and hence the legal scenario for the inspection of the packages at the border is somewhat lenient. Though it is illegal to buy without a prescription, buying and possessing the drug for personal use has never been considered a crime.

Where to Buy Modafinil in USA?

Modafinil being a Schedule IV drug in the US is available at many reputed pharmacy stores but based on prescription. Doctors and experienced medical professionals prescribe the drug only for few medical conditions related to sleep disorders like narcolepsy, shift sleep disorder, and sleep apnea.

There are no chances that you can prove these health conditions if in case you desire to own the medicine for personal use. Though you can show that the rotating shift hours is creating a mess in your sleep cycle and your life as well. This certainly calls the doctor to give you the prescription but this generally does not work always. Under such scenarios, you have the option to buy modafinil online in USA from online drug pharmacies. This does not require a doctor’s prescription, this does sounds illegal at times, but certainly no authorities are going to arrest you or put you to guilt for possessing the drug for your own benefits.

How to Buy Modafinil Online in USA?

When you are planning to buy modafinil online in USA, then do keep in mind that at the border there is a custom inspection of all the packages. All the online modafinil sellers do a discrete packaging of modafinil, still there are chances that your consignment may get on hold by the border security personnel or may get destroyed if you fail to produce a prescription on request.

However, amongst hundreds and thousands of packages going in and out of the country, these small packages are hardly put to strict adherence. There are certainly illegal but not at all a crime to commit. Moreover, the custom security has bigger and better causes and reasons of inspection with an assurance of security at the border and peace in the country. Amidst this, the small packets of modafinil often cross the border without any hassle and botheration

Working with reputed modafinil vendors, gives you an assurance that if in case your packet is seized at the border, you either get the refund or the package is shipped again to your mentioned address. All the modafinil sellers are attuned to the odds of the US customs and legal authorities.

What are the Brand Names of Modafinil in USA?

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All the developed countries have different versions of modafinil available in their local pharmaceutical stores and same in the case with the United States. Once you are able to get the prescription from the doctor, then there are two different versions of modafinil available in the country:

  • • Provigil
  • • Nuvigil

How Much Does Modafinil Cost in USA?

Talking about the cost of modafinil in USA, it varies depending on the version available and depending on the prescribed doses. Many discount cards and offers are available in pharmacies at a price of around $182 for 30 tablets of 100 mg modafinil. When talking about the drug market in the country, the year 2016 has reported more than a million prescription of modafinil with an average wholesale cost in the country to be around 34 US dollar.

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An Overview of Modafinil

Modafinil is a widely used and accepted smart drug or a nootropic drug available in the US. With commendable benefits of increased focus and improvements in work productivity, it has become a popular choice amongst working professionals and students. The stimulant drug works to schedule the sleep cycle while helping you rejuvenate your mind.

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How Modafinil Works

Modafinil has a neuro-transmitting action that controls the mind and the entire body to promote wakefulness and watchfulness. The reaction of the drug in the brain also works to push the levels of histamine and dopamine while working a stimulant for central nervous system. Although, immediately there will be no reaction and the initial hours after consumption will generate weakness and dizziness, the later hours kick start your energy level and mental strength with double the power. The same continues for more than 8 to 10 hours of increased focus and mental alertness.

What are the Benefits of Modafinil

Modafinil has a proven record of treating many sleep disorders like narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and shift sleep disorder to get rid of the excessive daytime sleepiness. However, when talking about the specific use of modafinil in USA, the Americans are known to reap maximum benefits like follows

  • • US accepted the smart drug for armed forces to ensure that the service professionals are able to manage tiring and lengthy missions while overcoming the problem of sleep deprivation
  • • The drug beholds maximum benefit for fatigue management and watchfulness for pilots
  • • It is used by many corporate professionals as stimulant medications to manage work productivity and rotating shift disorders

In addition, there are various other benefits of modafinil that include:

  • • Watchfulness
  • • Wakefulness
  • • Mental focus and alertness
  • • Mental strength
  • • Perseverance and faith
  • • Work productivity
  • • Long study hours


What are the Side Effects of Modafinil

Each and every thing, living or dead, has two sides of a coin with all the benefits and drawbacks. So is the case with modafinil. With the many benefits it beholds, there are certain side-effects and risk factors that are associated with the use and consumption of modafinil. Some of the most experienced side-effects include:

  • • Problem in sleeping during the sleep hours
  • • Dizziness and drowsiness
  • • Some kind of allergy

Not everyone is able to respond positively to drug consumption. The potential side-effects and risks though low but do affect the physical and mental state. If at any time you feel that modafinil is not a perfect suit for you, either seek professional advice or quit the drug. Stay wise when planning to choose the smart drug for personal use.

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