Which Customs Stops Modafinil?

Modafinil: The custom story!

“Modafinil is considered as one of the most nootropics money can buy. The way it provides a boost in focus and increase in productivity makes it second to none. This made it a very popular choice among working professionals, students and indeed, anyone whose brain could use a boost.”

But, this is not what modafinil should be used for, officially. It is a treatment for conditions like narcolepsy and several other sleep disorders.

Do the question is “Is it safe to buy modafinil? What problems can be faced the users from custom if ordered online?

Well, though modafinil is legal in many countries today, it comes under the category of controlled substances. This makes the doctor’s prescription a necessity to procure the pills.

However, if the pills are ordered online then the customs may stop the parcel. The probability of this issue is quite rare nearly thrice in about hundred orders.

Now if your delivery is under those three then? No need to panic. Usually in such a case, the customs department sends a letter in your name which gives you 2 options!

Firstly to abandon the parcel and the customs agents will destroy it. Secondly, if you think your parcel is being wrongly stopped and you are legally liable to hold that substance, then you can move to court.

The best option when you receive the letter is to ignore it. The people at customs will wait for a month for your reply and on getting o response they will use the first option and destroy it.

As anyone can send anything to anyone, hence if you ignore no action will be taken against you and you won’t be in trouble.

Maximum modafinil dealers resend you a parcel of your modafinil in such a case unless you don’t demand a refund. For them, this stoppage is a part of their business.

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