Is Prescription required for Modafinil?

Modafinil is legal now in many countries today, it comes under the category of controlled substances. This means the doctor’s prescription is a necessity to procure the pills. However, if you order them online then the customs may stop the parcel. The probability of this issue taking place is quite rare nearly about thrice in about hundred orders.

No need to worry if yours get stopped. Usually in such a case, the customs department will send you a letter which will gives you 2 options!

First to abandon the parcel and the customs agents will destroy it and second to approach the court if you think your parcel is wrongly stopped.

But what if you want to buy it from a store and not online, you need it urgently and you forgot to buy it online and keep it in stock?

Will you need a prescription to buy it from a chemist?

Let’s see the cases in the following countries-

In the United States, modafinil comes under Schedule IV controlled substance which means it has very less potential for addiction and abuse with limited physical and psychological dependence. To purchase any drug under Schedule IV substance in the United States, you require a doctor’s prescription. Doing so without one is technically illegal. But, once you get your modafinil no one will ask you about it, and it will not get you in any legal trouble.

The UK government considers modafinil as a restricted prescription-only medication (POM) but still you do not fall under any trouble for not having a prescription.

The government of Canada has modafinil on its Prescription Drug List but no problem will arise even if you don’t have one.

In Australia, modafinil comes under Schedule 4 and drugs of this category are legal with a doctor’s prescription requirement to purchase them. However, it is not illegal to have them without a prescription.

Same is the case in other countries as well. But consulting doctor before ordering a modafinil is recommended to make sure the adaptability of your body to modafinil.