Do's & Don'ts when you consume Modafinil

Modafinil: The Mental Enhancer

Modafinil is known as the mental enhancer and has been quite effective and true to its name.

But the seldom side effects often raise a question mark over its safety of use. Thought being used worldwide, it has reports of being banned in some countries due to its abuse and overdoses.

Students before their exams, doctors before their long surgeries, athletes, professionals before their shifts at abnormal timings, all prefer modafinil to enhance their performance and keep their sleepiness at bay.

But is the right thing to do? Perhaps the side effects and withdrawal symptoms make this question arise.

Modafinil is the smart drug of this century but it definitely comes with the list of do’s and don’ts.

Do’s and Don’ts while you are having Modafinil

Firstly consult a doctor before you start taking this pill. Be brief to your doctor about your medical history, whether you have a heart ailment or a blood pressure problem. In some cases doctors themselves prescribe modafinil as in the case of sleep apnea, narcolepsy etc.

Also make sure your doctor knows if you are already taking any medication for any problem for eg. Hepatitis C. Modafinil increase the speed of expulsion of some drugs out of the body.

Once your doctor gives you a green signal, you are free to go to and order yourself one! Authentic vendor with SiteLock security makes it quite preferable.

A lot of people especially students are buying it off from the web and this is resulting in the purchase of fake products or cheating. Make sure you have a genuine vendor like afinil express, grab modafinil etc who ensure proper delivery of the original product and refund if not done properly.

The game is to take it soon after you get up so that it makes you more alert during daytime and get metabolized till the time you sleep.

Now whether to take it in empty stomach or not? Honestly it depends from people to people. Some find it comfortable to take in empty stomach while some prefer taking it after having something to slow down its absorption in the body. This lowers the chance of the side effects. You will have to decide what suits your body more.

BUT, make sure you eat and drink properly because modafinil will kill your hunger and you won’t feel like eating. This will cause you to drain up and will result in the side effects like headaches and all.

A cup of coffee is effective in the case of few people but also resulted in the side effects to occur. So if you find it comfortable to have coffee after some time of taking modafinil, go ahead. If not then avoid each and every form of caffeine that you take and let modafinil take care of your sleepiness.

AVOID alcohol; weed etc when you are taking modafinil. This results in some serious problems and also during PREGNANCY.

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